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He hit them with his vehicle to prevent theft

In the early hours of this Thursday, Rosa Ojarche, Health Seremi of the Metropolitan, was a victim of an attempt to portonazo in his home located in the municipality of San Miguel, in the El Lally sector.

The incident occurred when the officer came home when he was intercepted by six foreigners who looked at her face.

"At the moment, the daughter continued to open the gate, is intercepted by a vehicle with refined glass, which is followed by six young people on detected persons, "Karabineros Captain Luis Segura said in 24 hours.

At that moment, intimidating with weapons, Ajax resisted the attackers and hit them with his truck, although without running over them, thus avoiding theft of their vehicle and fleeing.

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The official Segura points out that the health authority she reacted "to nervousness because individuals were intimidating her"

Shortly thereafter, healthier Seremi spoke to the press to give his testimony of what happened: "They were young men of about 20 years, they ran to the car and Putting it back. The previous time they lost me on the pedals and this time, I said, "the same thing will not happen to me". What I did was put in the opposite direction, went out and attacked and hit the car (the objects)"

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"I hit the car and the guys as if they tried to start, but I put the car back and got out again, but I took the speed to hit them again, and they started there"He added.

Oyarce used the community call: "We, the people, should be able to face this situation and not only to leave Carabineros this thing. This is also the work of neighbors. All the neighbors stayed right away … (…) We must not let the crime happen over us. "

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