Wednesday , April 21 2021

"Guaranteeing Your League Title": In Spain, impressive stats for Arthuro Vidal | Football

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Oscar del Poso | Agency France Press

Barcelona from Chile Arturo Vidal is a triumph for winning a new title in Spain. With nine points from Atlético de Madrid, his closest rival, another victory will close the La Liga with three dates to be played.

This eventual dedication will put "King Arthur" like the player with several leagues in the Kulé team, because he will add his eleventh national crown.

This is what informs Mundo Deportivo, where they emphasize that they are above all the players of the team, even more Lionel Messi, who will add his tenth league to the Catalans.

Prior to winning three in Chile with Colo Colo (opening and closing in 2006 and opening 2007), four in Italy with Juventus (2011-12, 2012- 13, 2013-14 and 2014-15) and three in Germany with Bayern Munich (2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18), "they noted.

"As if it was not enough, who could fall tomorrow will be eight consecutive Vidal, whose current set is just Nelson Semedo, who won two with Benfica before winning Barca last year in his first season, "he added from the middle.

If, from Sport, they also appreciated this statistic, noting that "Having Arturo to your team ensures that he will win the league title".

"Overall, throughout his career, which began with Colo Colo of his country, achieved a total of 17 twists in all competitions at the club level. And now he touches the fingertips to achieve his first league in the colors of Barcelona, ​​"they said to Chile.

"His only thorn in the road, in his future in the football of the Old Continent, is to win the Champions League. Competition that can be achieved with Barca this season," convicted by the midfield.

Barcelona will face Levante, this Saturday, April 27th, at 2:45 pm at the Camp Nou Stadium.

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