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Government would agree to sentence 'Commander Ramiro' to agree to extradition from Brazil | National

Chilean government would already agree to reduce condemnation of former Mauricio Mauricio Fernandez Norambuena, known as "Commander Ramiro", whose extradition has already been confirmed by the Chilean and Brazilian authorities, where he is currently being held.

According to O. Glob, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice said that "there is an official obligation of the Chilean government not to execute penalties not provided for in the Brazilian constitution", including life imprisonment and the death penalty.

In the meantime, he advances that final procedures for specifying extradition should be implemented in the coming weeks, on a date to be agreed with the Chilean authorities. Fernandez is serving a 30-year sentence in Brazil for abducting publicist Washington Oliveto in 2001, while in Chile he is serving two simple life sentences, totaling 40 years.

This is in line with the announcement made by Justice Minister Fernand Larian, who explained that the provisions of Brazilian, Chilean and extradition rules between the two countries have already been fulfilled, making this request workable.

As BioBio Chile has previously reported, the decision was upheld by the country led by Jair Bolsonaro, after an internal analysis of the possibility that Fernández Norrboumena could escape the country when he had to join the open regime, ie to leave prison and stay with measures. caution for remaining sentence time.

Former Front sister Laura Fernandez said she, along with human rights organizations, insisted and agreed that "Commander Ramiro" would serve his sentence in Chile because of the conditions he had in Brazilian prisons, but respecting the restrictions, that is, to reduce the years of imprisonment.

He also suspected that, as a family, they had accidentally learned about the extradition process, had to travel to Brazil in an attempt to locate Fernandez. He said he understood the arguments, which suggested the process was made secret for security reasons, but said he expected "more delicacy" with the family.

Who is "Commander Ramiro"?

Maurizio Fernandez Norrambuena, better known as "Commander" Ramiro, is a former leader of Patriotic Front Manuel Rodriguez (FPRN).

Norambuena has been charged along with others for the assassination of senator and UDI founder Jaime Guzman. He also participated in the abduction of Christian Edwards, son of the owner of the newspaper El Mercury, Agusta Edwards. Even though he is dead, the media is still in his name.

After being convicted of the crime, he and three frantic actors acted in the call "Operational Flight of Justice", Treated by helicopter, they jumped into an armored bag they had taken from one of the yards of the Security Prison in Santiago on December 30, 1996.

In Brazil, Norambuena was arrested and sentenced to 30 years for abducting Brazilian businessman Washington Olivetto in 2001.

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