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Google also violated Apple's rules to collect user data

After a controversial Facebook app for collecting user data between 13 and 35 years ago, now TechCrunch has discovered it Google also has an application to collect data for navigation, which, too I would violate Apple's business certifications policies.

Just like what happened with the Facebook application, this application is applied to Google VPN Hidden meter I would have used it the special system offered by Apple to these companies to distribute applications internally, in order to represent other users with their app for collecting navigation data.

But there are several significant differences that divide what Google did with the controversial "Atlas" project on Facebook.

First of all, the Google Support page for Screenwise indicates that the application "collects information about your use of the Internet, from the time you visit a site to the applications you choose." All point to adults over 18 andAlthough children of 13 years of age can participate in the research, they must have consent and live in the same house as an adult. Because Facebook did not ask.

By participating in Screenwise, Google offers as a reward tcards on the regaliaor also allows deactivation of the user's tracking if necessary.

Google explains how the app works like this: "When using devices with the gauge installed, the data will be shared securely with Google. This includes, for example, the sites you visit, the applications you use, the television shows that are played on your TV, information on how you use them, the device's IP address, and cookies. "

That point marks the difference with Facebook, which left tracking in the hands of third parties, while Google is investigating.

"From information collected through Screenwise meters, we find out what hours of the day you are browsing the Internet or watching TV, how long you stay on websites / applications, what types of websites, applications, and TV shows are popular. (Or not ) and how to connect to the media when there is more than one screen competing for your attention ", adds the company.

Screenwise was released in 2012 and, although it seems to be much clearer than the Facebook project, will also violate Apple's development rules that determine business certificates that allow companies to distribute applications outside the App Store . Apple, intended to be used only by employees of a company, not with members of the public.

In that sense, we will have to wait to see what measures Apple takes in this regard, bearing in mind that the bloc's company does not take long to ban a controversial Facebook application blamed on the same violation.

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