Tuesday , August 3 2021

Gonzalo Espinoza rejects Newell's offer

It was one of the unknown on the Universidad de Chile campus, a team that practically structured its list for the 2019 season. And finally it was clarified: the midfielder Gonzalo Espinoza rejected the offer of old boys to Newell on Thursday afternoon. played during 2019 by Lepers.

In principle, it was a loan, but outside of this, Maulino was interested in knowing the opinion of Frank Kudelka, with whom he spoke openly about his situation. And the coach told him that he had considered it in the planning of the year.

"Gonzalo remains in the U. He talked with Kudelka today (Thursday) and that conversation was crucial. I just informed Newells that we will not accept the offer," said Marcelo Contreras, a player's representative.

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