Wednesday , May 12 2021

Gerard Depardieu is questioned by police for allegedly raping TV and shows

The French actor Gerard Depardieu police on Tuesday were heard within a investigation of rape and sexual assault, according to police sources Wednesday.

The actor was questioned without being detained, according to the source, which means that he can freely leave at any time.

Depardieu is under investigation after a young actress charged him with rape and sexual assault.

The denial of this giant to the cinema, at age 69, was shown / shown at the end of August in the Lambes gendarmerie, southeast of France.

The events will take place at the Paris Star House, a private castle in the center of Paris on August 7 and 13.

"Gerard Depardieur denies absolutely any kind of aggression, any violation," reacted, following the presentation of the lawsuit, by his lawyer, Herve Temme, in a statement to the AFP news agency.

"I regret the public nature of this procedure, which causes serious harm to Gerard Depardieu, whom I am convinced will be recognized as innocent," Temme added. "Maximum moderation, respecting the rights of all parties".

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