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General Mario Rozas apologized to the Katrilanka family

Karabineros General Director Mario Rozas gave a 24-hour interview where he talked about his vision of how the institution has acted lately and the way in which it intends to pursue trust in citizenship, as outlined in the middle

"I believe that the crisis is in the Dome Karabineros, it has to do with the strategic situations of the superiors, not the ordinary carabinieri," said the new leader of the institution.

Regarding the departure of Hermes Soto, he said he does not have all the basic information surrounding his administration, so "I could not say if I resigned or not."

"Because of my way of life, I would do it, but everything depends on the circumstances," added the general, without discarding the existence of factions among the oldest uniforms.

However, he noticed that, according to what he had seen, "while I was interacting with my General Soto, we were always with him, he never felt a partition."


The Mapuche comunero case was widely accentuated by Rosas, who hesitated to "seek forgiveness from the Camilo Camilanka family," given all the precursors that were discovered.

However, he noted that he can not rule out the emergence of new videos or information in that case, such as the controversial record published in recent weeks.

"When I saw those videos – referring to the one who showed the moments after the killing – I felt an outcry, frustration and betrayal. I was sorry to see how a group handed us over," the police authority added, describing how exGOPE acted "disgustingly" November 14 in Ersila.

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