Wednesday , August 4 2021

Gary Linecker does not leave Alexis alone and ironically: Who would have thought? Sanchez can play

National striker Alexis Sanchez there was a good return to the courts in 2-0 win for Manchester United against Newcastle, which led to several English media praising his accomplishments, but also provoked the irony of historical, which manifested itself regularly on the Chilean performance: Gary Linecker.

Whether Sanchez gave a luxurious consent to devotion to "passion", the international with England in Mexico 86 and Italy 90 published a tweet that mocked Chile with the phrase "Who would have thought in a while? Sanchez can still play"

Please note that Tokopilano returned after a long violation, which took him more than a month away from the courts, and did so with the mission to change a number of issues he had in the last year, due to his poor performance in "red devils"

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