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Galaxy S10: How to use wireless wireless charging for wireless power

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 in February, the company also introduced a new feature called Wireless PowerShare. The function essentially turns your phone into a wireless charging platform that can be charged by another phone, smart clock or a pair of headphones.

It's an interesting feature that may not be used very often, but it has the potential to save you one day before long flight when your hearing aids die.

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Compatible devices

Wireless PowerShare is currently available on the following Samsung phones:

We also know that Galaxy Fold It will be compatible with the post when it is announced in late April.

Things to consider

The Galaxy S10 must be in charge of 30 percent or more for wireless PowerShare to work. The function is automatically deactivated if it falls below that number.

Wireless PowerShare is charged at a 4.5W rate all the time. Yes, it's quite slow. But keep in mind that Samsung must manage the heat generated by wireless charging and has a battery right next to the coil.

On S10 They will charge any Qi-compliant accessory or phone. All models of the iPhone, the latest pixel models and the previous Samsung Galaxy phones are compatible with Qi.

The screen of Jason Zuriani / CNET

Wireless PowerShare can be used when the S10 is full or when it is completely wireless. Therefore, if you travel frequently and need to fill your smart watch or headphones, you can plug in the S10 to charge it, turn on Wireless PowerShare and then fill the clock while you are sleeping.

How to use


Jason Ziryani / CNET

Wireless PowerShare does not have its own dedicated application. Moreover, the configuration application does not even have its own configuration panel.

It's easy to use: Drag down from the top of the screen to see the Quick Setup Panel and tap the Wireless PowerShare button. A popup window will appear on your screen, which will tell you how to better align the S10 with what you are loading.

Jason Ziryani / CNET

Turn S10, lower the screen to a flat surface, and then place the phone or attachment on the back of your device. I realized that the middle part of the S10 Plus is the best place. The wireless PowerShare will be deactivated after 30 seconds if it does not detect the device loading.

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