Sunday , April 11 2021

Gabriel Suazo was hit on the head and withdrew in an ambulance

The midfielder tried to maneuver the ball, but was hit by Bruno Romo. He spent a few minutes lying in the area, and then he was transferred to a medical center.

In the monumental stadium were observed a few minutes of pain. Gabriel Suazo He was hit in the head and had to be treated quickly by the technical bodies of Colo Colo and Sport Antofagasta. He left the Makul complex with an ambulance.

"Gabriel has suffered a TPP, but he has recovered, calm, will be under observation and there will be more pictures." Tomorrow (Saturday) we expect to be high and if it's just a loss of consciousness, in 48 hours he could return, "said Dr. Jorge Cairre, so the participation of leftists in the duel is not excluded South America Cup before the Catholic University of Ecuador.

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