Tuesday , July 27 2021

FromSoftware has two unannounced games in development

The president of FromSoftware revealed that the company is working on two brand new titles that have not yet been released.

According to the interview of 4Gamer (through siliconera) with FromSoftware, the Japanese studio known for the Dark Darks and Bloodborne series works on two titles that have not yet been disclosed to the public and that, according to them, it's Pretty FromSoftware.

4Gamer recalled that Miyazaki mentioned that the study went from "2.5 lines of development to 3.5" and questioned the President about the meaning: "At that time, we had 3.5 development lines that were moving, 0.5 of which was Diracine , and 1.0 was Sekiro "Miyazaki answered. "The remaining 2.0 are titles without publication. As for Dark Souls Remastered or Metal Wolf Xaos XD, they were ordered by external companies, so they are not included as part of 3.5 lines."

Although FromSoftware president refused to share more details about these two mysterious projects, he mentioned that they would share the news as soon as they began to shape themselves.

Can there be entirely new franchises? It would also be interesting to return to the armored core. Tell us in the comments you would like to see from FromSoftware in the coming years.

Mike Reyes is a publisher of IGN Latin America that follows the Software from the original King's Field. You can find it in @Sol_Criva.

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