Wednesday , May 12 2021

From this Saturday, the peak rate will be applied in drinking water consumption

Surveillance of sanitary services announced that this peak, 1 December and 31 March will regulate the peak period for consumers of healthcare companies.

In this way, the measure can be translated into an increase in the accounts in the event of exceeding the established limit of overstatement, for which a call has been made to pay attention to their accounts and their consumption of drinking water.

The overstatement rate, in most healthcare companies, is applied to 40 cubic meters, as defined in each of the respective tariff arrangements.

This means that it is applied to cubic meters of water consumed after having passed the determined monthly limit. In the case of average consumption in the period without turning over 40 m3, only consumption in cubic meters that exceeds its own average is affected by excessive consumption.

"We are facing delicate moments about water scarcity, not only in Chile, but also in the world. This is a phenomenon that is no longer seasonal and has become a reality that we have to face so that the call is to take care of the water , not only during these peaks, but also throughout the whole year "comments the sanitary service superintendent, Ronaldo Bruno.

This peak period applies only to the regions of Arica and Tarapaca, to La Araucania. The rest of the southern zone has a flat rate without limiting consumption.

In this context, the Superintendent gave some advice on responsible water consumption:

1. Cut the plug if you are going out of your home for more than a day.

2. Water used for digestion of eggs can be used to guide the plants. It will also provide nutrients from its casing.

3. Close the faucet while cleaning your teeth. This way you save about 12 liters of water per minute.

4. Take short showers and close the key while soap or apply a shampoo. You will always save 120 liters on average.

5. To drink water, do not let the tap flow, it consumes up to 12 liters of water per minute. Prefer to use a jug or bottle in the refrigerator.

6. Install water savers in the laundry buttons, sinks and showers to reduce house consumption. They are very cheap!

7. Clean your valves once a year.

8. Repair all the bathing buttons. You can save 180 liters.

9. Graduate opening the key for what you need. Do not open it completely if it is unnecessary.

10. Do not let water flow until you shave. This means saving about 24 liters of water every two minutes.

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