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"Frey's crime is the most powerful of the intelligence operations developed in Chile"

The lawyer who gave this interview to The third Before the fact that the verdict is known, he assured the deceased president "Everyone saw them as a great danger to the dictatorship" and that Frey "was a crime committed by the state and the state committed crimes that would never be resolved," so now, the task will be to analyze whether or not to appeal to the decision of Minister Alejandro Madrid.

According to what Madrid put in his resolution, in the case of Freya Montalva, the crime of simple murder was established, but as I said before, the family expected it to qualify as a qualified homicide.

Parents' lawyer "gets rid of him until he says enough," gives in this interview cruel details of the former president's death: "What is the need for the record of Frey's death to remove the inner one and hang it like a ram in a bathtub to squeeze ? "he asks.

What does it mean for you to assume the representation of the daughter of former President Frey's Motalva in this case?

It was surprising that Evgenio Ortega, the husband of Carmen Frey, came to ask me about the possibility of taking this cause. Surprisingly, because I watched as any other person, through the media, and I knew that Alvaro Varela had an outstanding performance. He has been on the margins of human rights cases, but he has been doing allusion for several years. I ask them what happened to Alvaro and tell me that he has left the cause and that he recommended me. This, at other times, would mean for my mother and father, who are no longer – great pride, because they were militants and grassroots leaders of Christian Democracy, they were "free" until they said enough. There was a connection from the perspective of taking the cause of that dimension.

For you, who followed the case from the outside, how was this new approach?

The first thing was that when I took office, when I joined the process, I realized that the quality of the records of Don Alvaro Varela's. It is marked in the file. They are spectacular writings, with lots of information, data I could never repeat. The investigation, when I guessed, was practically made, built, everything that could be sought, Alvaro already asked. His work was remarkable, he showed his entire legal quality, for me the depth of his investigation was surprising.

With all that basic information, how did you get started?

The first was to internalize, because general public opinion has a position, a picture of this, but it is different to sink into twists and turns of this cause. There you see it. Every day when I read the file, it attracted my attention more, and also my stupor, my admiration. I am connected for 40 years to investigate these criminal organizations from the state. I investigated the Joint Command, Dina, CNI, Dine, everything that thinks of intelligence, repression, but this would say (this) exceeds everything. It is one of the most complete operations in Chile.

Are you surprised by the background that you found?

Before assuming, I thought that the crime involving more involvement in intelligence agencies was the disappearance of five militants since September 1987 after the abduction of Carlos Carreno, but it was widely overcome with the Frei case. It's impressive, that's why I've always characterized Frey's crime as the most powerful of the intelligence operations developed in Chile. In this case, attention is being drawn from the various involved entities, the CNI, the Army Intelligence Battalion (BIE), the DYNASTY, the Aviation Command of the Army, the Deputy Commander of the Army, the anti-terrorist unit, the General Corps. a series of organisms added to one fact.

What features do they show as the most powerful operation in Chile?

There is a fact that is basic and that people have no idea; We still do not know and we will end up without being able to explore: who are the nurses who attended Frey and at home and in the clinic (Santa Maria). It is absurd that in a clinic, a legal clinic, not a secret clinic, which has personal records, they do not tell us and we do not know who the nurses were in charge of caring for Fry.

They were told that they were private nurses, that the family had hired them, but they said: we did not hire anybody. So, where do those nurses come from, how would it be normal for you to not know who they are. One day they found Frey in his room with windows half-open, dejected, trembling, with a fever, muddy enough to say, with a catheter blood drain, and a professional nurse comes in and tells the one in the room: Did you get the temperature? The girl did not know how to take the temperature, she had to retire and no one knows who she is. Such situations are repeated for this reason. Everything they want to assign to it, there was a bad medical intervention, but it turns out that those who say they are the ones who followed the first operation and who in their minute say it is flawless. Those who blame the first operation are the same ones who, when viewed, say that the points are flawless, all healthy, all well-finished.

What are the key milestones that you identify?

The key fact is that on December 7, 1981 (Freie Montalva was subjected to an operation on 18 November 1981 and died on January 22, 1982). That date coincides with the date of imprisonment of prisoners in a public prison. Great coincidence From that day, Frey could never return, never until he died. And in this connection, the most advanced and latest generation of antibiotics in the world were used. Not from Chile, from the world. They were told that they were fungi, but if that were the case, the infection would have gone beyond the speed with which it was treated and the ability to bring drugs. I think I was a homeless man who came to public office and you do not know what he has, who is infected with a bad intervention, but we are talking about a former president who supposedly had the best possible attention.

What other facts are those who, in his verdict, his representative warned him to insist that his father had been killed?

At first we would say that all this happened so naturally, that's why they discussed that he died almost from natural death, but that natural nature was only occurrences, no natural nature. When Fry tells one of his daughters to get me out of here, please, it was the last call, the last moments of lucidity: immediately get me out of here. When the call was received by Frey's family friend, who warned them of poisoning, it was another crucial fact. But what did the clinic do? Did you put the guard on? If I tell the clinic (it) they poison it, at least if I die, I have an autopsy to see what are toxins, but nothing. Nothing was done, it was also very strange.

You are talking about the biggest intelligence operation. In addition to the aforementioned, in which concrete facts this was confirmed?

It was terrible. It was found that they had loops who informed the first (August) Pinochet from the state of health. What interest did he have? There are many strange things. They considered everyone to be a great danger to the dictatorship, as they also made the alliance's world merged, where Tupacel Jimenez plays an important role. Since it must also be noted that the death of Tukapel Jimenez can be considered only related to the murder of Frey. From the Caupolican stuff, there is a whole subject of surveillance, phone interception, bomb threats, there are so many things that are joined and everything makes sense. They infiltrate into their own entertainment, their whole surroundings were in a situation of specific surveillance, there were microphones on their home phones. There are people who worked from the same interior of their surroundings. It was an impressive operation. I've always hit something. What is the need to stop Frey's death from removing courage and hanging himself like a ram in a bathtub to squeeze out? They had a hidden lace for 20 years.

And as for the reports submitted?

Here are all expert reports reviewed. There, something crucial is the issue of affecting Frey's immunity. The two toxins found in the blood exactly what they produce is to destroy immunity. They destroyed his immunity. They even affected Fray's DNA, it's not a common cold or infection. The same doctor who worked for him, who has done about 800 such operations, said he never had a problem, but now looking at the report I saw that the former president developed a mesenteric infection and I could say that this is no longer a process Naturally, it's not bacterial infection, today I can say that it could be toxic. There is an element to begin to explain what happened to it.

Given all these interventions, what difficulties were found?

This was a crime committed by the state, and the state committed crimes that would never be solved. Here all the origins were destroyed. They are crimes of impunity, it is perhaps a great deal of importance for which we have the opportunity to explore. We had all the difficulties that a state, a criminal organization that is protected in the state, can have all the resources available to that state to hinder justice and prevent resolution. Words are greater than difficulty.

Does this complicate the fact that there are different positions in the family? One of the son-in-law of former President Juan Pablo Becca Infante, Isabelle Frey's husband, insists he died of complications in the operation.

No. Zet was to see him as his father-in-law, he was not involved in what was happening. He had seen the entire operation, but there was never anything. I believe that he, and I say this with the best intentions, was naive. He saw that his father-in-law is there, that he is in decline, but he does not know the reason, he does not know all this. If we unite the elements, you will realize that what has happened is not normal, it is not natural, therefore our position is strengthened that there was a murder that was attempted to hide in thousands of ways.

Who is responsible?

Those responsible are those charged with the investigation. We agree with the Minister's view (Alejandro Madrid). Now, we believe that there are many more responsible who remained in the shadow, which are not reached, but this happens in all cases. There is always a balance of debit, they are not all that should be.

How important is it to qualify as a magnetide?

Although I believe that this is not the first assassination, because I believe that the president (Salvador), Alentejo, was also killed, it is very important that he be qualified as such because he is a democratic body. Frye was elected a person with an enormous number of votes, it is an attack on institutionality as a whole.

Regarding the possible advantages that will be "incubated", as Minister Madrid said last August, would you expect to be mentioned assistant secretary of aid networks, Luis Castillo, in the verdict?

I do not think I'm thinking about him, but it can be. There are elements to investigate, but I do not know who specific people are.

Which flanks are open?

That there was a greater share of intelligence personnel, the whole issue of monitoring. Few intelligence officers are charged

What balance has the role of different governments for this reason?

None of the governments impeded the investigation, even the Human Rights Program (the Ministry of Justice) is a great contributor. Governments are on the task, they know that this is an important reason that has to do with the dignity of the president. They know the need to clarify the facts.

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