Wednesday , October 27 2021

Freddie for the masses – Caras magazine


It is very difficult to be honest with Freddie Mercury, music majesty Queen, as well as from Bohemian Rhapsody, the first and controversial biography that tells the story of an English band appearing in small clubs on one of the summits, stealing the light in a Live Aid concert in 1985.

Tell a story Farrokh Bulsarahe rejected this man for his Indian pedigree, his gigantic mouth and teeth and his effeminate ways in the early seventies. The powerful combo that he founded with a group of losers and great musicians (dentist, astrophysicist and electrical engineer) who came to conquer the world was a complex challenge. From this perspective Bohemian rahpsody is a careful attempt to leave happy fans and new generations who knew these legends, dancing console games or as a soundtrack for smartphone ads.

Can this obvious goal be achieved? From difficult to impossible. Although tape Directed by: Dexter Fletcher and Bryan Singer it has the band's spirit – like the queen – the film is portrayed as a conservative story, transmitted through warm water, where Mercury's excesses and intense life move in a plane that pretends that it does not bother anyone. Missing rock Overprotective biography of music and the queen, the film is later compensated by the structure of making the biggest hits of the band, an instance that will have the viewer on the verge of jumping into the cinema in some scenes. In this, production never shrinks. It is a great reproduction of what you can experience on stage in front of a crazy audience. The love story of Mercury and Mary is also relatively successful, without violating the limits of modesty from the eighties.

The paragraph in addition deserves a huge work Rami Malek (Mr. Robot, Papillon) a talented actor who dared to play a man who lived his life as a 24/7 artist. Malek, with great craftsmanship, never got into imitation, but this removed from the sleeve the complete agreement with Mercury, on the emotional and corporal levels. Undoubtedly, Malka's solo performance is a strong reason to see the Czech rhapsody as it is an actor who pretends that the film is a boring scenario, and which many times tries to be massive, becomes superficial. Nevertheless, it ensures commercial success.

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