Tuesday , June 22 2021

[Fotos] Antofagasta: Fuentes de Soda functions as a secret with a secret door

Once again, night clubs in the center of Antofagasta were checked by Antofagasta Governor Katherine Lopez Rivera, along with representatives of the Internal Taxes (SIA), the Labor Department (DT), Seremi de Salud, Karabineros and the International Police for FOIA. After several complaints made by the neighbors themselves, the Soda Foundation "La Picca del Gordito", located in Condell after the adoption of Riquelme, was reviewed. This place was only a facade for marketing alcohol and beer for consumers, because in the spa sector there was a secret door simulating a wall, whose sheet was activated remotely. In this way, the illegal sale of alcohol was discovered. Karabineros confirmed the existence of more than 1,640 bottles of alcoholic beverages, among beers with different brands and tastes; whiskey, vodka, tequila, picho, rum and wine.


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