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Fósiles ofrecen pistas sobre cómo los ancestros del hombre comenzaron a caminar | Tecnología

The descubrimiento de fósiles in a mono desiccated manner, more than 11 million miles across, including most of the anchored nuances emanating from a camaraderie, like a public studio in the Nature magazine.

As a matter of fact, there is a consensus among the anchors that they are going to have to intervene for millions of years, in order to be the subject of debate in the community.

Algunos consider how the cambio can be moved to different areas, enderezándose sobre las dos piernas, customers who are defrosted to primero a desplazarse but el suelo a cuatro patas.

The descent into Bavaria (Germany), with a mono fossil record of 11.62 million miles, all hues inferior and inferior are conservados, inclining the balance in favor of the primer theory.

"Los fossils comprised the rest of the individual menus, with a partially complete surplus before describing, in detail, the morphology of the vertebral columns and the proportion of the vertebrae", explicitly stated. Madelaine Bôhme, de la Universidad de Tübingen, y sus colegas.

Llamado "Danuvius guggenmosi", the primitive one of those brazos hechos before saltar entre las ramas and only miembros posteriores morphologicamente adaptados para caminar.

This mono ade is dedicated to a grand piano, which allows the caminar to sail across the plaza de los pies, seg estn el estudio. One of the features that suggest that "the cameraman is going to have a pie in the street", explicated in a public comment Tracy Kivell, de la Universidad Britannica de Kent.

"Los miembros est especiales desplazaban de un manera hasta ahora desconocida", se Kivell, en el "just a model of locomotion available for the ultimate ancestros comunes" a los grandes monos y al hombre.

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