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Fortune: Battle Royal, Season 7: Release Date, Topic, News and Everything You Need to Know Video Games

Fortune: Royal Battle It has become one of the most famous games in recent years. The combination of her intuitive and friendly battle Royal with a constructive mechanic for other games like PUBG , position him as a favorite among the new generations and the elderly who find a funny escape in video game

Part of her success is because this title is totally free and has only a micropayment system to get the battle. These passes are used every season to get exclusive items such as costumes, emotions, weapons, and more.

Now, it's close to season 6 of the Fortnite finished to start season 7. For now, Epic Games he did nothing impressively as in other seasons, as in 4 that he has a comet, in 5 there was a crack in the 6th huge giant purple cube.

In this article we will consider all the information we have about the new season of Fortune: Royal Battle and her possible exclusive items for season 7.

When season 7 starts in Fortune?

Each particular month, a new season of Fortnite it increases by offering fresh content in its own Battle Royal for those players who receive a season pass. Those who can not unlock a certain content, but it is less and harder to accomplish.

Season 6 from Fortnite is close to its end, and it can be concluded that the final launch date for the 7th season will be the same Tuesday, December 4th, the same day when the game's competition officially ends season 6.

Until now, Epic Games He did not comment on the new season, but it's likely that his launch is the same as last seasons. According to this premise, the launch will take place at 10 am European Time (CEST), which will indicate that season 7 will be available from 3 am in Peru.

However, in other seasons, the company announced the update several days after the end of the previous period to collect awards and complete the latest challenges. As soon as the update appears, there will no longer be a chance to put old items from other seasons.

What is the theme of the season 7 of Fortune?

While so far, all seasons have had a kind of "teasers" within the same title, for the time being Epic Games remains with the mystery that he has not presented almost anything from the new season.

For now, the only clues you have is the coming of winter in the rest of the world, the Christmas season and the new year. Companies at this time have a very clear theme about snow, along with Christmas items with red and green colors.

However, there are rumors that justify these beliefs, because in the game sound packages have been found that allude to snow rates and other objects related to Christmas. In addition, some forums discuss a possible robotic invasion of the map, and therefore one of the company's latest images is the one of the robot that reviews the map of Fortnite.

What are the subjects of Season 7 of Fortune?

For the time being, nothing has been discovered for new items or skins of the next Fortune season. Most likely, as the following challenges and theme of the game change in the winter environment, the new costumes are set in the Arctic, as well as the ice ax instead of the top.

For their part, gestures of the season 7 of Fortune will also be topical, but it is still too early to theorize something about it.

What will be the price for the Fortune Season Season 7 season?

Usually the price of each season pass is maintained on 950 turkeys, which would be approximately 35 or 40 feet, depending on whether the transfer was made directly with Epic Games or an external physical recharge is made in a separate store.

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