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Former vocalist of Tiro de Gracia Juan Satito is convicted of intrafemic violence

Shortly after the release of the late Tiro de Gracia's group, hip hopo Juan Salazar Rodriguez, 42, known as Juan Satito, was sentenced by Natalie Guera, 36, for violence against domestic violence when they held a relationship between 2015 and 2016 .

This indictment was presented a few weeks ago at the 18th police station at Ñuñoa, from where they got the information to the First Family Court in Santiago, because both of them would have lived together for at least a year.

The appeal appears to have been labeled "psychological violence," as the woman found no physical injuries after the attack she received in March 2016.

The conflict will take place in the artist's apartment in the neighborhood of Brazil. After this act, the girl declared that she broke the link and blocked her in all of her social networks.

The affected woman says her case is described as "a small percentage of risk, because violence was not constant, nor do I continue to live or lay with him." For this reason, the appeal will not be made by the prosecution, but by the Santiago First Family Court. An example in which the two parties – separately – must publish.

"I do not think anyone deserves to be tried, even if you need five or six years. Everyone knows the time when he is ready to say it," explains Hera.

The make-up commented that she was motivated to give up after the dissolution of the group Tiro de Gracia and the statements of the other member of the duo Fabian Sanchez (Lenova Dura), who blamed irreconcilable problems with Salazar. "I do not know how he (Sanchez) has withstood so many and so many disqualifications"he said.

For its part, "Satito" refused to give statements to La Terrera, but his representative said they had not been notified of the appeal.

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