Friday , May 7 2021

For Vijay 2019 ?: Fans of Felipe Abelos Want It at La Quinta after His Root of Telethon | Notes

Various reactions generated in social networks, the routine of humor presented in Madradon by national comedian Felipe Avelli.

"Pececillo" went to the stage at Teletón Theater after 3:00 am to contribute to the night work marked by the lack of a missing vedetón.

Even though it did not steal laughter at other possibilities, Avello's show was highly celebrated on social networks, where he praised his ability to improvise and play with the present figures.

Moreover, many of the comments on Twitter, which we accompany below, believe that it's time when Felipe Aveelo will arrive at the main stage of the country at the Viña Festival. Do you think this is his time?

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