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Five food applications that you must carry on your smartphone | Viú | Be good

At a time when smartphone is part of our everyday life, today we propose five nutrition applications so you'll have them nearby and you will be able to confirm the calories, portions and preparations of your food.

We are moving through Google Play and these are some of the best apps (according to user ratings) that will help you to have a better lifestyle. This is our proposal.

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Nutrition SL
This application will allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your daily diet. It will allow you to control the equivalent values ​​of each food, have an anthropometric indicator in your history, know how much calories you should consume for each food group, amongst others.

If you think healthy eating is boring, this application will show you it's fun and rich. Here, Kevin Curry will teach you to prepare delicious recipes based on fresh ingredients that will be very tasty and helpful to your health.

Calorie counter – EasyFit
It will monitor your food, exercise, weight in advance, waist measurement, water consumption, among others. It will submit animated statistics and will motivate you to make your own food, you will also measure your physical goals.

This calculator will tell you how much calories you should consume daily, depending on your physical activity and the food you eat. It also allows you to have a daily water indicator, which is useful to know if you are hydrated or not.

Vegamecum – recipes for vegans
Vegetarian food is the center of attention and this application will teach you that cooking is not difficult and it is also very delicious. You can modify the meals you want to prepare, and the application will accept the quantities of ingredients.

The audio version that gives you is perfect so that your hands should only be taken for cooking.

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