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Finally a summary of what happened in Copa Libertadores between the River and Boca – International Football – Sport

For the first time in the history of Libertadores (59 editions), perhaps for the first time in any important tournament, the final had to be suspended due to incidents; more embarrassing than mourning. The honored honor corresponds to the Argentinean football and the security forces of the city of Buenos Aires. The simplest spring failed because this game exists: to keep it as it is due to the visiting delegation to arrive safely at the stadium where they have to play the match. And under normal conditions.

Some police officers worked out the plan as crazy as mad: the bus of the mouth crossed the streets with thousands of fans of the river surrounding it. How to get a torch in a dust magazine. Barbarism created an expected consequence: inconsistencies destroyed by stones several glasses from the bus and influenced some players. Boca refused to play. Without any doubt, I was not emotionally capable to do it and there started embarrassment. The final was handed from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday to God's disposal, because men are hard …

This time the logic in football was given: if in one country it can happen, it was in Argentina, and if it had to happen in a certain game, it was in the Boca River. They are a hundred and ten years of extreme rivalry concentrated in a 90-minute bottle. A very thick juice came out. They take up so much rivalry that they have come to this, that they can hardly play. Football passion is beautiful to experience, although when it reaches such irrational levels, it will lose all sense and naturalness.

Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez, a Boca Juniors player.


Taken from the newspaper Ole

That irrationality created demonic progeny: barrage, deformation of the admirer that they should grow and is now difficult to dominate. That monster has created a phenomenal business around football and is not ready to lose it. It excludes, threatens, resells and fakes tickets, sells t-shirts, hats, scarves, caring for cars. One finds a nice place to leave the car five blocks from the stadium and, when it closes, a man with a terrible, furry look approaches and says, with a friendly and frightening voice: "Give me 500 I care about your car, dad . "And as the idea is to see the game and return home at home (and with a healthy car), the normal fans give 500, very disgusted. It's all about them, ten blocks away. Of course, they do not care about anything and they will see the game.

And in classics like this, they make real treasures. In a raid on Friday, police detained "Caverne", head of Rio's brave bar. There were 15,000, 10 million pesos (which is equivalent to another 255,000 and 300 tickets). It is believed that, in retaliation, Caverna ordered his supporters to promote the unrest. They asked ticket clubs to watch the games; now to sell them. Then they go the same way, the bad: they put up fifty, run in races and attack the gate. Poor controls and police that are in place are running.

In 2017, a similar event occurred with this Boca River when the Borussia Dortmund bus was attacked with three explosives, while the team went to its stadium to face Monaco for the Champions League. It was for the quarter-finals and the game was postponed for the next day. Mark Batra, a Spanish defender of Borussia, suffered serious injuries: a broken radius in one hand and glasses stuck in both hands and arms. Must work.

But this is not due to the violence among the fans who demonstrated rough behavior (supporters of Dortmund even in their houses were brought by their colleagues from Monaco, who had to stay), but attacks by private individuals for terrorist purposes or economic reasons. EAt the end of December, hundreds of Flamengo barrabravas without tickets broke Maracaná fences and entered the office sector destroying and generating panic in the definition of Kopa Sudamericana. It was very serious. However, the final was played.

But that Flamengo and the Independent, although a stellar match between the big ones, had no sign of the South American soccer savior who was assigned to the Boca River, for which world journalism first set its own views on La Bobonera and the Monumental After

The promoted "end of all times" ended with "The Role of All Times," as Claudio Servinho very well defined in his column to the nation. Or, as Gabriel Meluk of El Timpo explained, "the end of the world was in the third world."

Dozens of journalists from Italy, Spain, Japan, England, Slovenia, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, USA gathered in Monumental on Saturday, particularly attracted by the wonderful game of the first duel, 2-2 Also, some 60,000 decent fans of the river that went to ticket offices $ 2.7 million.

And millions of fans who were expecting television in a good deal of the world. We all feel the same grief. They shame others, their Argentines. There were no dead or injuries, they did not even fight the fans, but the sense of shit, the organizational incompetence is shameful. And many people wanted these games to be played during the week, during the night and visiting the public. Delirium

If, in itself, the Argentinean is not a subtle subject and finds it difficult to be kind, society experiences a phase of special tension, exacerbated by extreme and stormy politicization. Portuguese Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, arrives in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, in an interview to himself, revealed his concerns about the escalation of "fear, intolerance and distrust in many countries". It seemed that he was talking about Argentina, in particular.

This terrible Reka-Boca comes as a wake-up call to President Makri, five days before the start of the first G20 summit in Latin America to bring together the leaders of the twenty largest and most important countries in the world. The capital of the tango will be protected for several days. Can you worry about Putin, Trump, Merkel, Xi Jinping, Macron, etc. If you could not with Boca's bus …?

Boca was attacked by the public on the river several meters from entering the Monumental. He arrived shocked, upset and with his captain Pablo Perez struck in a single eye with a schism. So, you can not exit and play a game, except this final. He had the right and reason not to play.

"We had no previous logic and had nothing to do with the previous game," said his coach Guillermo Barros Scalotto. It's true Do not think about exaggeration: Perez examined the ophthalmologist in front of the witnesses and realized that he reduced the vision of the left eye by 60 percent. And this is not a football table that breaks down a doll and we put another. The confrontation was a sports dispute.

The feeling that was left with the actions and words of President Boca del Carmen, Daniel Angelic, is that Boca first tried to leave the Monumental on Saturday; then watch how to avoid dedication on Sunday, without staying "without a presentation," that is, postponing Conmebol.

And he will go to the Connemol meeting in Paraguay on Tuesday to disagree on a new date for the dispute: he wants points and a serious sanction against the River. Boca no longer wants to play, he revenge from 2015 when he was eliminated from the Conquest Cup, when a gold-colored fan threw a pepper spray in front of several players at River Plate. At that time it was well sanctioned and the river was crowned champion. Now, before a very similar event, Boca wants the river to be well-sanctioned, which is also blamed for having a high political weight in the Confederacy.

Someone started that Conquest will take a duel on a neutral pitch. Impossible: The river will not accept. In addition, what a normal politician would like to receive …? This means that they receive 25,000 fans of Boca and others from the river. He has to designate an army to control them. Attention Santiago de Chile next year, when they reach the only Cup final …!

These are just the first chapters of the story. It will continue.

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