Wednesday , April 21 2021


Rugbyker Anuel AA continues to gain popularity on all platforms, his music, his relationship with the singer, also Karol G, and even his vanity, He does not hesitate to show his eccentric tastes, causing a tough debate between followers and slanderers.

Along with the desired Columbian, ANUEL AA sings "Secret", a theme that allowed him to continue to increase his acceptance levels in his musical category. Karol G and Puerto Rican have positioned themselves as "Los Bebecitos".

Anhui AA is controversial in several aspects. But it is also the goal of constant criticism; For example, users in social networks are not tired of questioning the hairstyle that looks like they say they are hiding on baldness.

But a video that was shared on social networks would clarify Ragpiker's hair debate. In the same thing, the singer is watching the beach shore, wearing shorts and shirts, but without a cap. At the moment when he talks about the camera, the strong wind makes a bad move and leaves it as evidence. Quickly, the futile translator tries to receive his hair, but then the wind turns him over again.

"Why do some men take their baldness? So beautiful they look when they take it and they pass zero. Well, that's my taste, "says the user, in the midst of the confrontation that is getting worse again in social networks.

For now, ANUEL AA and Karol G continue to celebrate in Las Vegas, where Puerto Rican won the Best Debut Artist Award at the time of Billboard Latinos 2019.

Concerts in Chile

This one 28 and 29 April will be the dates when Karol G and Anel AA They will be presented in Chile with the tour "Culpables Tour 2019".

Last January, the duo, which is also a couple, reiterated its visit to the country on the 28th of this month, a date that was a success in sales.

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