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Fernando Gaitan dies, the man who created the TV series "Yo soy Betty, la fea" TV and shows

The film of the successful soap opera I'm Betty, ugly he is in mourning. There are several actors They have dedicated emotional messages to the Colombian writer and creator of the popular story that was first broadcast in 1999 and seen in more than 120 countries. Even in 2010, he was included in Guinness World Records as "the most successful soap opera of all time".

Fernando Gaitan died at the age of 58, and from the Columbia State Clinic they said in a statement that he had entered "The emergency service for cardiorespiratory arrest and without responding to the resuscitation maneuver", AFP reported.

After learning what happened, several symbolic figures of history regretted his departure. "Thank you for your dear Fer, thank you for giving us your talent and genius. Your smile, always", Wrote Anna Maria Orosco, who gave life to the famous Beatrice Pinson Solano: a brilliant economist, but thinks her and her colleagues are unattractive and who comes to work in "Ecomoda".

Jorge Enrique Abello, who starred Armando Mendoza, the head and great love for Betty, also expressed his pain. "Do you remember how we laughed? Thank you for everything, because you wrote to me about Armando, you will miss me!" "Good and bad." Goodbye, until we meet again to continue telling stories. "

Lorna Chedera, played by Patricia Fernandez in the story, shared a video with her former partners from Betty, ugly and Fernando Gaitan. "My fair I do not know how to explain this sadness, your departure is completely unexpected. In the middle of everything, how nice to see how you touched so many hearts. I remember this way, in this video that we recently recorded in your house, all happy, praising our plans. I have no words to thank you for everything you have done for me, writes in his social network.

Gaitán met again with the film Betty, ugly, since last year they made presentations in various cities of Colombia in the theater. Publicly, the writer commented that to build the character of "Betty" was inspired by the secretary of senior executives of the Colombian signal RCN.

In Chile, television was broadcast more than one occasion on Channel 13, and also on La Red. The last time was 2018 on the signal of the Lukšić Group.

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