Friday , April 16 2021

Far from home for a macho comment from Tom Holland

While another group defends the actor as it is typical for each teenager.

A group of users in social networks created a campaign against Spiderman: Far from home due to the assumed macho comment on Tom Holland.

It turns out that the young actor was interviewed by Spanish newspaper Icona, where he said he suffered from bullying while in high school, mainly because he was a ballet at that time.

Speaking about this topic, he came up with a comment that created controversy, because he suggested that dance practice is an opportunity to be with girls with tights.

As a ballet, people thought he was gay. And what if I am? I'm not gay, but what's important? For me, the ballet was an opportunity to spend two hours a day in a studio with 30 girls with tights.

Time of hypersensitivity

For this statement, a group of people thought that the Netherlands had macho behavior and therefore asked people not to watch the movie Spider-Man's new film acting as an actor.

Of course, there were many others who defended it to think that this is a typical thinking for every teenager, and even to indicate that Tom himself mentions the interview that 15-year-olds just say nonsense.

Spiderman: Far from home will be released in cinemas next July 5th.

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