Saturday , May 8 2021

Fans are not satisfied with the quality of the special edition of "Fallout 76"

This is a Power Armor Edition edition of USD 200 that comes with a bag that is not originally announced,

Consequence 76 a lot of talk about it since its launch and, unfortunately, it's about generally negative things, because the experience in the game leaves much to be desired, and if that was not enough, now we have fans to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the low quality of certain content of his special edition.

It's about the call Power Armor Edition is sold for $ 199 and includes several interesting items that emphasize the replica of the helmet that appears in the game, but the complaints are for the bag where this accessory is kept, because the promotional is shown made of a canvas and actually included a low quality nylon bag, as you can see on the following image that was shared on Reddit (through GamingBolt).


When users complained to Bethesda, the support staff replied that the display bag was a prototype too expensive to manufacture, and they decided to change the material of the building due to lack of availability of materials.

Thus, as complaints rose, Bethesda announced via Twitter that they understand the disappointment with the Power Armor Edition stock market and that as an apology they will bring 500 atoms to the players who received that edition.

500 Atoms in the game are equivalent to $ 5 in a virtual currency, and even there are those who have complained that it is very small and they say that this is not enough even for leather a postman that costs 700 atoms and that comes with a virtual canvas bag.

Fallout 76 is available in versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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