Saturday , July 31 2021

Facebook Messenger began to try a new dark mode, although only in some countries Technology

Facebook has already begun to try a new dark mode for Messenger, the instant messaging application.

This was stated by a computer expert Jane Manchoun Wong, who explained in their social networks that this configuration is already available in the Android version of the platform, albeit only for a small group of users.

"Facebook Messenger, apparently because of users' insistence, began to try the dark regime in certain countries," Jane writes.

"They warned that the dark regime is still not everywhere, so they do not complain," he added.

She said she could trigger this regime last October, taking a catch that she later shared on her account. Twitter

For its part, the specialized portal Android Police shows that currently the list of countries in which this modification is enabled in the interface is not known.

This new mode, whose activation would be optional, replaces all white and bright backgrounds with black. It also changes the color of the text, from white to black.

In the absence of an official statement on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg, we will just have to wait to hear about it.

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