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Exsargento attributed the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "The people who were on the tractor did not shoot at us" – National

© Agency One Exsargento attributes to Camilo's death:

The statement before the prosecution is by Carlos Alarcón, a former investigator who was the one who committed the bullet in which a member of the community died. TVN


The new declaration is crucial in the investigation of the death of the Mapuche commero Camilo Catrillanca, who died from the impact of a bullet in his neck shot by police officers on November 14.

This one did it Former Sergeant Carlos Alarcón, one of the four uniformed imputed investigated as a police officer who carried out a bullet that would kill Catrillanca.

Alarcón, as La Tarcera tells us, acknowledged in his second statement, made last November November 17 before Attorney General Jorge Calderon, that in the first – on November 15 – I would let out some things:

"I am complementing my previous statement, noting that the position in which we were: following the third obstacle (by reducing the roads), I had to get close to about 15 meters when I met with a head with a son driven by a subject driven and was accompanied" he began to speak.

He added: "The first thing I did was intimate him to stop, pointing to the vehicle with my official weapon "and justified it:" I did this because as we walked we received information from staff traveling with a helicopter (…) and pointed out that three entities occupied the stolen vehicles and they boarded a tractor. So I decided to write them down. "

By not respecting him, according to his testimony, he decided to kill them: "When we met, I said phrases like" alto, carabineer. "Stand there. However, the maneuvering of the tractor was short and advanced immediately, leaving me close to the curve. Then I decided to do it, I do not remember exactly whether four or five strokes are aimed at the tractor. "

He says he is sure that he pointed to the tractor's lower surface "without being able to specify whether it is right or left" of his idea "It was to stop them."

He added that A tractor advanced several meters and stood aside. He saw it one person came down with his hands and that when he approached the tractor, he could see it "the other thing has a wound on the head (…) and he sat on the left."

He also confirmed that and Catrillanca and his companion were unarmed and clarified "people who were on the tractor did not shoot at us"

For these facts, the prosecution formalized former sergeant Carlos Alarcón and Raul Avila for crimes committed for murder, attempted murder and obstruction of the investigation.

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