Tuesday , August 3 2021

Explosive device in Santiago: Venezuelan couple manipulate over-pump, believing they are "lost documents"

The bombing on the Vickyna Avenue Makenka has left five injured, two of them of Venezuelan nationality, who arrived in November to make a new life in Chile.

Speaking of Channel 13, Rolando Torres, 43, said he and his wife, Magali Della Vale Britto, 48, when they noticed the presence of an envelope on the bench where it is located.

"We thought it was someone's document, maybe they lost it, so I told my wife to check if there was a way to communicate with that person, and that's when an envelope exploded," said Torres, who was injured by some blades in his hands.

A 20-centimeter element wounded the woman in her right ass, which was sent to Central Mail. She was intervened by emergency medical doctors and is no longer risking life, as well as the other four people near the blast site.

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