Friday , May 14 2021

Ex carabinero Alarcón was subjected to intense interrogation at the Araucanía Regional Prosecutor's Office

For the third time he went to declare, depending on the regional prosecutor of Araucanía, Carlos Alarcón, the officer of the GOPE of Carabineros fired, for his alleged involvement in the death of comunero Camilo Catrillanca.

According to him, Alarcon reported two hours before regional prosecutor Cristian Paredes and public prosecutor for exclusive devotion and human rights, Roberto Garrido, after a video was recorded that he shot at the police station and where he accused him of being forced to lie and to deliver "false statements".

The conduct of the testimony by prosecutors requires that it be determined who will be the people who will force the defendant to give false facts, which will obstruct the investigation.

Alarcón's tape created a storm of gigantic proportions, which included an urgent call by La Moneda from the staff of the Carabinieri de Chile, led by Director General Hermes Soto.

In social networks and journalists in the palace, he flew through the spirit of hopelessness, including the resignation, but such species were rejected with apprehension to the senior clerk.

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