Monday , August 2 2021

"Every civilized human unclean deserves to die"

During this Friday there was a strong explosion at the Transantiago bus station which is located on Vickyna Avenue Mosena.

Carabineros reported that the device exploded from the inside of the landfill that was at a bus stop where people were waiting for public transport. 5 people were injured and transferred to various health centers.

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Through a website, eco-terrorist group "Individuals who aspire to the wild" It would be assigned to this explosive attack, stating that they will disclose the statement in the next few hours, who finally got there.

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This message was written "we take absolute responsibility for abandoning our explosive gift at the bus station of Transantiago in the heart of the capital. Our over-pump was made up of a crafted steel nipple. Do you remember that nipple that exploded the fingers of the miner in 2017?, the same thing. Filled with 100 grams of black powder, whose activation is generated by pulling the cardboard.

"Why are you trying against the" oppressed people, "because they do not care about the social status. Rich, poor, poor, every civilized human unclean deserves to die. In our postulates you will not look for requests or requests or anything. We hate modern human behavior, their approval of progress and technology is extinguished. Let all explode! ", they continued.

In addition, in the publication they shared a photograph and video from the explosive device they installed in that place.

Next, check the statement sent by eco-terrorist group "Individualists Tendencies a Lol Salvaje".

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