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Everton (3) vs. Kolo Kolo (2) | The "Fight" between Mario Salas and Gustavo Diaz

Technicians from Colo Colo and Everton had a strong passage of words after the triumph of "rollers". The Uruguayan apologized for a press conference.

Colo Colo won 2-0, but in an unbelievable way and the final Everton turned him over and won 3-2. The technical albo, Mario Salas was very upset and his whole rage began in the dressing rooms against Gustavo Diaz, trainer "roller".

"Fuck, I will be greeted because I will win, oh, fuck, welcome if you want. The commander yelled at the Uruguayan.

Of course, Cacique's technician charged that Diaz did not congratulate him before the commencement of the obligation, and then did it after the triumph. I mean, Salas took it like a joke.

"The one who made a mistake is me, I respect the Marie hierarchy, we have to have compassion, I have to be in a big team and Mario is a champion." I approached it and missed it at the moment. Sometimes there are times that are hot, but this is preparation, I have no doubt that Mario will channel the team, will try to do what he has done in Chile and Peru and will do very well. Nothing for embarrassment. They are just moments and maybe I was wrong. He is a great coach and I have no doubt that he will do very well with Colo Colo, "he concluded.

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