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Evelyn Matti calls for radical cabinet change: "There must be at least eight" | National

Tonight, Channel 13 airs a special edition of its program Central table, in which several representatives of the political world analyze the scale of the social movement in which Chile lives.

At the beginning of the debate, the current mayor of Providence Evelyn Matty surprised by the powerful reflection of the current cabinet of Sebastian Pinjara.

In the opinion of the former presidential candidate, at this crossing they must leave their posts "for at least eight ministers".

"It must be a profound change, ie. another real person, political and economic. I am friends with many of them (ministers) so it is too late to have to give names, but for profound changes there must be at least eight (output) ”, Mattie pointed out.

“It's about complete renovation. It is profound to say that "This has been our focus so far" and this is our focus from this moment on. You can't change with the same people, " he added.

Channel 13
Channel 13

In this regard, the provincial communal chief went further and asked the ministries to enter people from more "street" regions who had studied at universities outside of Santiago.

"I can think of a few numbers, not (smile), but They must be middle-class, hopefully educated in public education, not all come from Catholic or Chilean, who don't spend the summer in Zappar or Puglia, people born in the province, Ovalle or Ozorno. In the background people with a lot more streets ”, convicted.

He also criticized some "unfortunate phrases" expressed by ministers of the current cabinet in recent days.

"With a person who never had trouble reaching the end of the month, who never peeled garlic, they do not understand the things that hurt them and there are many painful phrases. " Mattie pointed out.

Lastly, the mayor also urged people from the "younger generations" to integrate into the Pina team.

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