Wednesday , June 16 2021

Epic Games will be added to the Fortune Clothing created by an 8-year-old boy

In September last year, a player known as tfoust10 shared the Fortnet Reddit official site design created by his 8-year-old son for a look in the game to ask him to incorporate the Epic Games into the game.

The drawing of the child, called Conor, is a soldier known as the "Chicken Soldier", a giant chicken prepared for battle, which received a very positive response from the Fortune community, which led another user to redesign the original proposal for this Pernat fighter.

User Etsyturtle2 took over the task of polishing and improving the design of the chicken carving, transforming it into what he calls a "Tender Defender", provided with an egg-shaped backpack, manual jams as a grinding weapon and another chicken as a glider

The public's response was such that Epic Games listened, and they decided to incorporate both the clothes and elements that Etsyturtle2 adapted from the design of the young Conor in the upcoming update.

This information is confirmed by saying that two of the items that were part of the design will be added to the next update of the most famous Royal Battle of the World, such as Scrambler and Flappy Flyer.

Later it was reported, through the same Etsyturtle2, that the appearance of the Tender Defender would reach Fortnite soon, although it is obviously not in the next update.

This is a great demonstration of what can be achieved if a community is linked to the general good of a game that unites everyone, as well as intelligently managing social networks and forums for discussion by the parent company.

Many fans are looking for toy companies to listen when they have requests and desires, often in inaccurate ways, but should always be highlighted when community and game developers can communicate in a positive way.

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