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Entel and Movistar are struggling to fight a mobile phone rates

On Thursday, the Modifications and Insistence Reports (IMI) explained by the operators were announced and they announced their disagreements over the government's proposal, released last November, on the next charge of mobile access

In the letter, Entel and Movistar, which proposed a rate of $ 5.71 per minute and $ 6.07 per minute, have lowered their expectations, but are still far from what the sub-secretariat for telecommunications (Subtel), $ 1, 4 minute. In the case of Entel, they raised a rate of $ 4.9 per minute, and in the case of Spanish one of $ 4.6 per minute.

How much, Clare and WOM have returned to further reduce the proposed tariffs. The first, from $ 1.2 per minute to $ 1 per minute, and the second from $ 0.2 per minute to $ 0.19 per minute. VTR was the only operator to present a proposal that is superior to the previous one, from $ 0.16 per minute to $ 0.2 per minute.

Expert opinion. The IMI was accompanied by the opinion of the Expert Commission, which was requested by Entel, Movistar, Claro and VTR, in order to generate a technical colleague on the body's proposals.

The table – with non-binding character – is composed of three experts in the field. WOM was the only operator who decided not to have experts. The price per expert is 25,000 UF (about US $ 100 thousand).

In the report, there was widespread support for Subtle's technical proposal to consider exclusively the 4G technology for calculating the new fee for access charges, with eight out of a total of 12 experts supporting the government thesis.

Of the four experts who considered the government's proposal, two of them represent the operators that led to a lower level, that is Entel and Mavistar.

"Demand for data from telecommunications users can only increase over the next few years, therefore it is essential to create the conditions for fast mobile networks to continue to grow and provide benefits to users, such as the 4G network and which almost 15 million users in only four years, "said Undersecretary of Telecommunications Pamela Guidi.

The definition of the fee for mobile access fees will be settled in January and will last five years. With the announcement of the IMI and the report of the Expert Committee, the body will define the company model and the rate.

Guidi added that "the final rate of access fees will allow us to continue to increase competition, thus eliminating artificial asymmetries. In addition, the reduction of these tariffs that today appears for companies can be transferred to larger and better benefits for telecommunications users. "

WOM and VTR appreciated the delivery of these reports, ensuring that their results are in line with their initial approaches.

Meanwhile, Movistar said her report showed that "the model being examined by the body is a serious numerical inconsistency." Enelt meanwhile noted that the opinion of expert Thomas Flores, who was appointed by a joint agreement, recommends a mixed 3G and 4G network for an efficient enterprise and the gradual adoption of VoLTE technology, in accordance with its approaches.

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