Tuesday , May 11 2021

[EN VIVO] Telethon 2018: Follow the transfer of the event

"The gift of everyone, for everyone" is the motto of Telethon 2018. At 10 o'clock, "Don Francisco" is leading this new solidarity, aimed at $ 32,522,991,111.

The event will seize the celebration of its 40th anniversary with more than 100 artists who will join the national crusade to hold 14 rehabilitation institutes and serve 30,000 children and young people with disabilities.

Follow the lives of Telethon

The program began with time travel showing the history of Telethon, in which iof this campaign with all its protagonists.

It will also be given to Fiesta de Chile from the Plaza de la Independencia de Concepción, which will feature Augusto Schuster, the anthem's creator this year, "My Gift". In this same line, there will also be special coverage from Rapa Nui with journalist Soledad Oneto.

The person in charge of the opening of the night of the party will be Daniel "Bombo" Fika, Raphael and Luciano Pereira.

Then, it will give way to the site of "Madrugatón", where will be shown comedy space and the segment "I want to be", where celebrities will sing singers. Why will not there be a "vedetón"? Don Francisco explains it.

The telethon will feature prominent international performers: Luciano Pereira, Gente de Zona, David Bisbal, Emmanuel, Kali and Dundee, Becky G, Leslie Grace, Paulina Rubio, Pepe Aguilar, B24, Adex and Nau and Rafael.

In the rack of national artists are found Shuster, Denise Rosenthal, Panco Sazo, Consuelo Shuster, Tommy Ray, Canela and Halloween, Camilla Gallardo, Javier Mena, Los Dzheivas, among others.

In the meantime, those responsible for making people laugh during the event will be: Daniel Bombo Fica, Felipe Avelo, Pamela Leiva, Pastelito and Elenco, Mellon and Melame and Stephen Kramer.

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