Monday , May 17 2021

Elon Mash wants to unite the human brain with machines

Elon Mashot is still talking about his words, this time the CEO of Tesla and Space X said he was working on a kind of "hard drive" that would allow him to carry the human mind. All as part of his campaign against artificial intelligence.

In an interview with Axios, the muscle was asked about the work of Neuralink, one of its less-recognized companies, before the entrepreneur explained in detail one of the projects of that division focused on creating a device that allows people to overcome what it defines as an "existential threat" to artificial intelligence.

"Long-term aspiration with Neuralink is to achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence" said Musk. "In order to achieve a kind of democratization of intelligence, in a manner that is not monopoly maintained in purely digital form by governments and large corporations."

To accomplish this goal, Musk revealed that Neuralink developed a "hard drive for the human mind" with the idea that people put their conscience in these machines, creating a system that is basically an extension of themselves.

This process, according to the employer, in the long run can contribute to the "improvement" of people's intelligence.

"As algorithms and hardware improve, digital intelligence will overcome biological intelligence with a big difference, it's obvious, "Musk said.

While this may seem contradictory to Tesla's previous statements on artificial intelligence, in fact, it is part of a plan that follows his critical postulates regarding the use of that technology.

In the past, Musk did not keep his reserves for the role of artificial intelligence in the world, setting scenarios worthy of science fiction films where that technology will be taken over by humanity in the next world war.

So, together with the revelation of Neuralink's new device, Musk continued to expand its alarming story of how the world with artificial intelligence would dominate, suggesting that machines could put people in zoos.

"When a kind of primacy, homo sapiens, became smarter than others, pushed them into small dwellings" Mosk indicated. "(Now) they take up small corners of the world, cages … zoos. Even the jungles in which they live are limited, so they are big cages …So, you know, it's a possible outcome for us. "

Of course, Musk plans to fight this opportunity with his mental hard drive, which can be realized in "about a decade" and that as described by the Executive Director of Space X will work with "Micro-level neural electrode interface", "Chip and very small wires" that will be "Implanted into the skull".

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