Friday , May 7 2021

Dreamcast Mini could be a reality, it will expire to NOW

NOW could have confirmed it Dreamcast Mini in a very unusual way: setting up users. The fingers for mini consoles seem to be here to stay.

Following the launch of official machines such as the NES Classic Mini, the SNES Classic Mini, the NEO GEO Mini and the next PlayStation Classic, the next one seems to be Dreamcast Classic o Dreamcast Mini, as you want to call it NOW.

A few months ago, we said that NOW prepared it launch of Mega Drive Mini, a console that fans and fans of the Japanese company got with open arms. Later, without too much data on the machine, we saw how Mega Drive Mini will go until 2019.

However, this may not be unique & # 39; & # 39; new & # 39; & # 39; SEGA console. And a few days ago, it was 20 years since the launch of Dreamcast, a console that meant the fall of SEGA (as much as the hardware), but it also set the tone for one generation.

Dreamcast was a console ahead of its time, which, indeed, had great hardware, something that showed games like Shenmue's own, with complexity that is impossible for time in home consoles.

If you have Dreamcast, you need this adapter

Now, the impact will not be the same, but with everything that has been created around Dreamcast, a Dreamcast Mini It would be fantastic news for those who had it, and they want to remember old times, like those they could never have, but they feel curious.

Now, Where does Dreamcast Mini come from? It's the account of SEGA Japan that has raised the alarm by asking Twitter followers what color they prefer. Of course, it could only be a celebration of the twentieth anniversary, but also a balloon of the probe that it faces launch of Dreamcast Mini.

Of course, if SEGA wants to see repercussion, it should be happy.

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