Thursday , January 21 2021

Don Ramon's grandson shares an emotional and unpublished picture of the desired Mexican actor TV and show

No doubt, Don Ramon became one of the most beloved characters of the Mexican children's series Came from 8.

Despite his poorly timed nature, the father of Chilindrina, on which he played Ramon Valdes, he knew how to win the love for the followers of the program.

Thirty years after the translator's death, one of his grandchildren shares an unpublished picture of him, in which he is elegantly dressed for a special occasion.

"For me a fortune, a photograph of my grandfather signing a marriage for my parents, his smile shows his great happiness, he loved my father very much", Posted by Miguel Valdes on Twitter.

"It will be one of the few photos you will see on my grandfather wearing a suit, he always preferred jeans, shirt and tennis," he added.

In the photo, the actor appears with a clean suit, an extremely different outfit than what he usually wears.

Rapid posting became viral in the social network, adding nearly 15 thousand "likes" and 2,500 retweets.

It should be noted that in the last years of his life, Ramón Valdez's health has already deteriorated due to his deputy cigar I often smoked about five packs a day, even shooting.

A report from Telemanddo's network shows that six months before his death, the actor was operated stomach cancer At that time, doctors told him that he should leave his vice, but he ignored it.

Finally, the desired actor died of lung cancer on August 8, 1988 at age 64.

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