Wednesday , May 12 2021

Don Francisco complains of Kramer's routine that President Paine's parody has been said: "This is a program of unity"

Mario Kreuzberger, better known as Don Francisco, manager of Telethon, a campaign to help children with physical disabilities, expressed his anxiety at the presentation of the impressionist Stefan Kramer, who, before the packed national stadium, laughed at President Sebastian Pingera.

In the imitation of Kramer, the head of state emerged as a competitor in the Pasapalabra's knowledge program, acting as a competitor who did not know the answer and who, if he won, would buy "GoPro cards that can not be removed" in an I the Catrillanca case and one of its most controversial episodes.

"Anyone who does something that does not correspond to that, he skips our desires," Kreitsberger said after exceeding the target set by the campaign, with a total of 32,522,911,111 dollars.

"We can not denounce it, everyone has to be censored," said the animator.

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