Wednesday , May 12 2021

Don Francisco and the controversial routine of Stephen Kramer in Teleonon: "We can not denounce it"

It seemed, but it came. After nearly 30 hours in a row, Telethon reached its goal by surpassing the set goal and reached 32,851,438,331 dollars, a tiny number slightly higher than the original goal and satisfied the organizers of the event, including Don Francisco.

The animated and main character of the solidarity campaign, as usual, offered lunch in the afternoon with some co-workers of the event and the main characters, such as Christian Sanchez, Juan Pablo Keralo, Becky G, Leslie Grace, Oscar Álvarez, Power Peralta and Karol Lucero , and thanked them on TV support channels, artists and those who were present on the long and tiring day.

"I am very happy that we managed to achieve the goal, what is a backup, something we've done for 40 years," said the man from Saturday Giant, known as a frail, because this time the evening lasted longer than usual. "It is a work done by all people living in the country".

Telethon ONE

During a press conference, Mario Kreitzberger said that on this occasion the Telethon program was "modern, different, different" and that he did not design: "I do not want to write titles that I do not have, because the program did not I do it were not my ideas, but the ideas of others, of the new generation that had many successes. "

In that sense, the television magnate was consulted about his retirement, something that for some time became an object that did not reject himself: "You can count on me until you can count on me, but that does not give any certainty in the case of a person from my age (77) ".

Don Francisco said that on this occasion his participation was significantly reduced and that his desire was to transfer the torch to new faces: "This year the animators and drivers made 70% of this program, that is, did not do it, I made a very low percentage because the real triumph would be to convey this to a new generation that lasts for 40 years. "

Regarding the difficulties faced by the Solidarity Campaign, Don Francisco described this edition as "late Telethon", but it finally turned into a triumph. "A political friend told me that it is important to win, and in this sense, victory has not only increased the money, but the support of the country to continue to do what we have done 40 years."

Leslie Grace and Becky G.

Also, the animator explained that there were several factors that influenced the delay of the cooperation, such as the time: "It was very hot, it is very difficult to stand in the banking order at 3 pm that ritual."

Kramer versus Kramer

One of the highest points of closure on Telethon was the humorous routine of Stephen Kramer, who mimicked the successful programs Pasapalabra Contests tells the role of his driver, Julian Elfenbein and President Sebastian Pinera, as a participant in the confrontation with Mexican singer Louis Miguel.

The exhibition was highly commented on social networks, and even criticized by certain users for the political and critical nuance in connection with elements of unanticipated situations, such as the killing of Mapuche Camilo Camilanca from police officers, among other things.

In this regard, Don Francisco, who is known to be trying to maintain a certain political neutrality and avoid such conflicts during Teleton's broadcast, said he "did not know about the routine" and then added that "everyone should make a responsible , because this is a program of unity, it is a program in which we want to bring together all Chileans, and most importantly, if someone does something that does not correspond to that, we miss it in our desire. "

Although critical to the comedian's presentation, Don Francisco explained that "we can not denounce it, everyone has to be censored".

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