Friday , May 7 2021

Don Francisco and the Cémeron routine of Telethon: "Everyone must be censored" | Society

In the classical meeting held with the media after the closure of Telethon, Mario Kreitsberger revealed his point of view regarding his eventual abandonment of the campaign, in addition to the statement the commentary of the comedian Stefan Kramer in the final show.

"I did not know about the routine", the driver of the giant Saturday admitted. "I think that everyone has to be responsible because this is a program of unity, It is a program in which we want to gather all the Chilens together and I think it is the most important thing " he added.

In addition, he appealed to the comedian's conscience, because if the show on the stage did not share these values, he had to take responsibility. "If someone does something that does not fit, they skip our desires"he said. "We can not censor, everyone has to be censored", finished

Regarding his expectations against the continuation of the campaign, Kreitsberger He was cautious, explaining that "They can count on me while they can count on me, but it does not give them any security from a person who is my age. And we show this with the drivers and animators. They made 70% of the program, that is, I did not do it. "

"The true triumph will be the power to convey this to a new generation and which takes another 40 years, said the driver.

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