Saturday , May 15 2021

DIRECTV Sports ™ | Solari, about Iskko's absence: "It's a closed topic"

The Argentine believes that nothing happens with the Spanish language and that they are technical decisions.

Real Madrid faces this Saturday Valencia and Santiago Solari He reviewed all the white news news at a press conference after last week's training in Valdeebas. The news that happens almost exclusively because of the situation of Isco Alarcón and the final of Copa Libertadores held in Santiago Bernabeu.

How did the victory in Rome affect?

"Joy at work, sense of responsibility and everyday work are 80% of everything. In football and in every job."

What do you think of the Libertadores final that played on Santiago Bernabeu?

"They are mixed sensations, it's a great honor for Real Madrid to win the final of Libertadores and Superclassico with the two biggest clubs in Argentina." I hope the stadium with our history helps end this finale so complicated. one side, on the other hand, I can not help the reasons that bring it here. You must play oceans away from Buenos Aires and that you have broken many hearts.

Isco is already ready to play after staying in Rome?

"Honestly, I think it's a topic that does not give more than it is. They are concrete decisions."

Isco is badly professional? Have you been careless?

"Indeed, I think the subject does not give more than it is, they will understand that I can not be in search of speculation." "There are 24 professionals, everyone works and we are here to make decisions."

What do you need before Valencia?

"We know that this is a very organized team, tactically ordered, has endured several goals against. We will have to rely on our players and their talent, and to be right, and to be aggressive forward."

How to recover the best version of Isco?

"I'm doing what I think is best for every player. Everything is important, because we are all Real Madrid."

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