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2019 arrived with the New Year's resolutions. Those 23% of people fail to hold even one week, and the same as 36% leave a month. Changing the routine is not easy, but if January begins to meet a particular challenge, the benefits for the rest of the year can be significant.

In 2011, the challenge of "Dry January" ("Dry January") created by the association "British Humanitarian Concern for Alcohol". It consists basically not to drink alcohol during the first month of the year, in order to "detoxify" the extensive meals, evenings and Christmas parties.

Currently practiced by thousands of people in the British Isles and in the United States, where the tradition was extrapolated to lead to great results.

What happens is that many of the people who adhere to it end up drinking less after January 31, which also causes improvements in their health.

A study by the University of Suffolk (England), which analyzed the habits of 800 people who made January Dry in 2018, found that everyone drank less for the next six months, but the benefits do not stop there:

-88% of the participants said they saved money.

-71% sleeps better.

-58% weight loss

-54% had better skin.

"The simple act of abandoning alcohol in a month helps people drink less in the long run: by August you will get a more sober day a week," explains Dr. Richard de Visser of the University of Sussex.

"There are other significant benefits: nine out of 10 people save money, seven out of 10 sleep less and three out of five lose weight," he added in MarketWatch's statements.

Goodbye for tobacco

Parking alcohol for at least 30 days is also crucial when it comes to killing another deputy: tobacco. This is confirmed by a recent study at Oregon State University (USA).

Each of us has a biomarker who tells us how fast our bodies metabolize nicotine. The higher the tobacco is, the more complicated it is to quit smoking, but it decreases when alcohol consumption is reduced.

The researchers found that men who participated in the study and reduced the intake of alcohol from 29 to 7 drinks a week also significantly reduced their nicotine biomarkers. In short, "Dry January" is a challenge that, if fulfilled, brings many benefits to the human being.

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