Sunday , May 16 2021

Diego Maradona struggled with fans after losing to Dorado – International football


Controversial images with "10" after fans insulted him out of the stadium. TVN


Diego Maradona again is the cover of the main sports media, but this time not a win for his team Gold, but for the images he was playing with fans of Athletic San Luis.

"10" reacted by throwing strikes at rival fans who were ridiculed by Maradona after his team was defeated in the Ascent MX 4-2 final on the road.

The sports field "Aztecke Mediatippo" was tough with the Argentine idol, titled: "Mocking Diego after the End of the Ascension to Insults and Shock", holding it "in other videos he is valued in a suspicious state that throws his fists in the air."

After this defeat Dorados will have to be crowned by champion Clausura to fight the promotion against San Luis.

The Maradona team ranked seventh in Ligula for the promotion after being at the bottom of the table. Later he won the best regular stage and was one step away from winning the quota in the promotion dispute.

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