Saturday , May 15 2021

David Pizarro compared Herré with Totti and Zanetti: He has the power to renew himself

David Pizarro, who will play his last match as a professional on Sunday, compared with the goalkeeper Johnny Herrera with two legends of Italian football, assuring that the Captain of the Universidad de Chile has a faculty to rebuild whenever he wants, regardless of the relationship he can have with the leaders.

"Johnny is one of those players who they are renewed, it's like Francesco Totti or Javier Zanetti, they have that power; Even the club does not depend on whether it will decide, because of the weight it has"explained Pizarro in an interview Mercury

Nevertheless, the "fantasist" realizes that dialogue is essential to resolve the internal conflict that the blue capital has opened up with the directive.

"You need to have a clear conversation between Johnny and Carlos Heller. It would be embarrassing that the only major reference that remains for this institution must come out of the front door"he was convicted.

Pizarro this week will play his last duel as a professional, visiting U-Curico Unido, and you can follow him with Virtual Bookmark on

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