Monday , May 17 2021

"Dardeville" has been canceled by Netflix

The unfortunate news for the fans of the Marvel universe was confirmed this week. Netflix decided to complete its successful "Daredevil" series. After three seasons with a very good reception from the public and critics, fiction with Charlie Cox will bid farewell to the streaming platform, as well as other defenders such as Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

"Daredevil will not be back in the fourth season, we are proud of the last season and although it's painful for fans, we think it's best to finish this chapter with a big note," said a statement posted by Netflix.

In addition, to give calm to the followers of the Devil's Kitchen Devil, they asserted that "although the series concluded on Netflix, the three existing seasons will remain on the platform in the next few years, while the figure of Daredaville will live on Marvel Futures projects. "

In this way, the streaming signal will go one of the best series for superheroes that are made on television and remain with only two Marvel characters: "Jessica Jones" and "Violent".

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