Wednesday , October 27 2021

Daniela Aránguiz's heavy reaction after criticism from Pamela Díaz for her role in La Mañana | Television and programs


It was a few weeks ago when Pamela Diaz launched a harsh statement against Daniela Aránguiz, especially about her participation and continuity in Tomorrow Chilevisión, the place where he is a panellist.

"Daniela is not the face identified today with Chilevisión, he is an exmatinal panelist, and we will see if he will continue in the second year," she launched the "beast" in this opportunity. However, Aránguiz had no way of answering.

In this context, wife Mago Valdivia questioned Diaz's statements in an interview in the morning Good morning. "And she is now an executive channel? My team is very happy with me and this is the only thing that is important to me", said Aránguiz.

In addition, she explained that she has a contract until December, and then she will go on vacation to Miami. "I do not know what's happening with Jorge's contracts yet, if he stays in Chile and the channel gives me the opportunity to continue in the morning, he would be happy to agree," said Daniel.

Capture TVN

Capture TVN

"I also do not pay for my school children (work in the morning). This is a hobby for me, I give this" pig "added Aránguiz, to which Pamela replied: "Then they pay him very badly, I pay the children's school with my salary, I go on vacation, we are Dani then, ironically.

Finally, Pamela again questioned Diaz's participation in the morning space. "She was supposed to come in the morning as my deputy and did not give results that suit me", he sentenced.

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