Wednesday , June 16 2021

Daniel Muñoz and Marujos recall the late Danko Ulloa

"He was one of those few people left in this world, humble and admirable and a unique consequence." This is defined by the producer Daniel Muñoz and Marujos, Rodrigo Agüero Danko Ulloa, assistant to the production of the folk group, as well as Inti-Illimani, who died on Monday and an hour after a serious car accident he suffered a musical band on the eastern track of kilometer 82 of route 5 south, near Rancagua.

A member of Inti-Illimani dies after a car accident

This Monday, the death of Danko Ulloa, a member of the Inti-Illimani technical staff, who suffered a car accident in the O & # 39; Higgins region yesterday. Ulloa was in the same vehicle with the group "Daniel Muñoz y los Marujos" when the accident occurred.

The fighters of the Communist Party did not live on the brain and his death took place at the Regional Hospital in Rancagua, a medical center where 14 people came from an accident vehicle.

Danko Ulloa came to work with Daniel Muñoz and Marujos through the producer Inti Illimaniand for some time accompanied the band during a series of concerts, especially in the regions.

Agüero, in an interview with, indicates that the production assistant was a highly educated and humanitarian person:It took 5 minutes to talk with him to realize that he is enlightenedHe was a wonderful person, very valuable. "

He adds: "Note that apart from these human conditions that stood out and shone every minute in Danko, what contributed the most to the creation of the team is the awareness that every work should contribute to the common good, justice and the idea of ​​creating a society in which we look in our facethat we have the same possibilities. "

Both the PC and the Association of Relatives with Executed Policies (AFEP) sent their own condolence via social networks.

"Hello and glory, companion", he was one of the most powerful messages in favor of Danko Ulloa.

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