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Crisis of U. del Pacífico: Justice forbids the study to alienate its seat in Melipila

With the fact that the national director of the National Consumer Service Lucas de Villar, accused of non-disclosure, the institution received a precautionary measure that would prevent the alienation of Melipila's seat at Universidad de Pacifo, belonging to the Julio Orthoir Foundation.

The measure, which aims to provide an outcome of the trial, is not the only one. This, because Sernac, with the support of the Ministry of Education, will impose class action against the study on "protecting students' rights". Remember that this university is at the heart of a crisis of insolvency.

cuboid and bail Marcela Cubilos and Lucas de Villar, announcing the measures of the Universidad del Pacifique. / Aton Chile

"How We are coordinated with the Minister of Education to look for ways to protect students' rights in this case. So far we have received about 100 complaints from students who have failed to complete their careers due to lack of hours and lost pre-paid money, among other disagreements, "Del Villar said.

Therefore, in the coming days, Grafac will present the lawsuit for class actions, in return, which will not be necessary for thousands of students affected by the closure of the university to initiate an individual remedy, but that the lawsuit will accept all affected.

"Among the measures required are the ban on repairing, granting and unilaterally re-negotiating debt, bank notes and credit titles for students to pay fees," said the national director.

Minister Markella Kubilos also attended the meeting, which stated that the courts had accepted the pre-trial and precautionary measures required by Seranz and decided to direct the entity's controllers, the Julio Orthoir Foundation, the ban on alienation at the university's headquarters. in Melipila. In addition, He stressed that students will be provided with access to academic education.

"In Melipila is the only place where it is possible to ensure this continuity, therefore, after the Court has adopted this precautionary measure of caution, we are able to publish it, because today the process has started in the custody of the real estate, "Kubilos said.


From Mineduc, however, they acknowledged that they still do not have specific links to move students from U. del Pacífico to other institutions.

However, they indicated that, together with Kruk, they had taken steps to facilitate contracts: students who moved did not consider accreditation purposes, nor would they be considered as special income quotas. That, so that no institution is affected in the case of students' welcome.

Currently, several universities continue to analyze curricula to determine the maximum percentage of validation in the case of receiving affected students.

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