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Criptomoneda creada por Facebook does not claim to re-market any other currency

The president of the Association of Books in the United Nations is now planning to authorize more than many obese people.

Reunion in the United Nations, in Ginebra, Marco Island Bertrand Pérez, director gerente de la Asociación Libra, explicara that la criptomoneda creada por Facebook there are no reimplarations of the coins available.

A report by the Reuters agency quoted Perez as saying: "There is no implementation of monetary policy in the Reserva (Libra)," the blockchain realization conference in Switzerland is now available.

If you have a sea of ​​information that is relevant, you can use Facebook to connect with 28 empresses, available online at Nationwide Unidas for an alert for sustainable maintenance.

"The preyecto podría ayudar a alcanzar muchos objetivos de desarrollo de la los ONU, removing the pubreza y alcanzar la igualdad de genero", dijo.

The reunion participates with representatives of the Banco Nacional Suizo and the Fondo Monetario Internacional.

Facebook, cauteloso

Aunque se espera que Libra salga al mercado en 2020, endeared by Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, preferably on the cover of las fechas.

The criptomoneda Libra has been around for some time, with a number of regulators in place, who are trying to clear control over money laundering and terrorist financing.

“Obviamente, queremos avanzar en algún momento pronto [y] no nos llevará muchos años ”, dijo Zuckerberg a Nikkei. Sin embargo, aclaró quo "At the moment this reality is concentrated in the fall of the hacerlo".

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